a31 October 2012

New records

Action shot I took with a very fast shutter speed (1/2500 s) to freeze this amazing, and somewhat unrealistic, moment.
October was a really great month for this blog. It was 11th month in a row when both page-views and unique visitor grew but it also reached a few milestones. Here they are:
  • More than 10k page-views in a month (12.5k to be exact),
  • More than 4k unique visits in a month,
  • More than 50k page-views total.
Maybe this statistics aren't really exciting compared to other photo related blogs but what I like is that from month to month the growth speed increases. Moreover from the above you can see that this month's visits make 1/4th of all visits. Not bad.

All these would be impossible without you, your comments, likes (on Facebook and Google+) and shares. Thank you and I hope you will visit me next month as well :)

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