a4 April 2013

Easter Processions in Madrid

I spent a wonderful week (which was Holy Week) in Madrid, Spain. Although the weather was rather bad most of the time (rain, heavy rain or at least fully overcast sky) what means that I didn't have many opportunities to take nice photos I really enjoyed my stay there. I loved so much about this city, from its atmosphere, fantastic food, interesting history and architecture to Easter celebrations. What really amazed me were martyrs processions. Gloomy and hooded figures walking through the streets of the city (mainly in the old town) in the rhythm of the loud drums make for an unforgettable experience. Not only when seen late at night (eg. 3 AM) but even during the day.

It was very difficult to capture a photo of their walk because the streets through which they passed were very crowded. However, I was lucky enough to have a hotel in the middle of the historical district of Madrid so I was able to capture this short footage from the balcony. And I think that sound in this case is very important. So enjoy :)

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