a23 February 2014

In the Moonlight

Daily photo - In the Moonlight

Sunsets were beautiful during my stay in Mexico. But some blue hours and evenings were as gorgeous. So today I would like to share a high dynamic range photo taken approximately 1.5 hours after sunset and already after moonrise. The Moon was full so its light was quite strong and it was enough to lit the scene. Also thanks to the Moonlight, which is much cooler than sunlight (around 4000 Kelvins compared to 5500 of sunlight), the scene has very beautiful colours, dominated by oranges in the rocks and blues in the sea and sky. I mentioned this numerous times but oranges and blues are complementary colours and thus they look very appealing to the human eye when used together. So if you can find them both in one scene - make sure to use that to your advantage.

For this image I decided to blur water to give it smooth look and in order to achieve that I used Cokin ND X neutral density filter which allowed me to use exposures as long as 30 seconds. This was enough to achieve this very smooth effect on water.

If you want to learn how to create such images yourself, make sure to read my free HDR tutorial. If you prefer to download it or print, I suggest you take a look at the PDF version.
In the Moonlight

Finally some EXIF information:
Technical details:
Camera: Sony NEX-6
Lens: Sony 10-18 f/4
Focal length: 12 mm
Aperture: f/13.0
Exposure time: 15 s ("middle" exposure)
ISO: 100
Number of exposures: 6
E.V. Step: 1.0
Flash used: no
Tripod: yes
Filters: Cokin ND X variable density neutral gray
Technique: long-exposure, HDR, tone-mapping, luminosity masks
Software: Photomatix Pro 5 (Contrast Optimizer), Lightroom 5.0, Photoshop CC, Topaz Clarity, Topaz Adjust

Where was this photo taken:

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