a8 May 2014

Beginner's HDR photography tutorial. Part 5. Dealing with noise

Today it is time for 5th part of my HDR video tutorial. Last time I was talking about halo artifacts which are one of the most common issues in HDR photos. This time I will give you 5 easy tips to avoid another problem that is often visible in tone-mapped photos - noise.

Unfortunately YouTube compressed this image pretty much making all the noise rather difficult to see :( So I will try to upload full HD uncompressed version somewhere.

Next parts will cover subjects such as creating indoor images, creating night HDR images.

Note 1: if you don't have Photomatix Pro, you can download free trial from here. It never expires but adds watermark to the final image (BTW if you decide to purchase Photomatix Pro, you will be able to get rid of this watermark from already processed images!).

Note 2: before you watch this part, I advise you to take a look at Part 3 in which I showed how to create realistic HDR images. If you're new to Photomatix Pro take a look at Part 2 in which I talk about Photomatix Pro, explain its interface and talk about core features (such as deghosting or alignment). You might be also interested in watching Part 1 in which I talk about HDR photography in general and give some reasons why do we need it.

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