a5 February 2015

Photomatix Pro Presets - 111 Free HDR Presets

New Photomatix Pro Presets

It's been a while since I shared any Photomatix Pro presets. For that reason today I decided to update my Mega Pack collection to add new presets I created in the last few months. This time collection features 111 free presets!

You can download the presets here:

What's in the bundle?
  • 15 completely new and never released presets, most of which use my new favourite processing method, i.e. Contrast Optimizer,
  • All presets that I shared up to now (96 presets).
Summing up, the collection contains 111 free presets good for landscape, architecture and street HDR photography. There are both very realistic presets and more artistic ones, colourful and black & white - everyone should find something for himself.

Please note that some of the presets will only work in Photomatix Pro 5 or newer as some of them require Fusion/Real-Estate or Contrast Optimizer which were introduced in Photomatix Pro 5.

Note: if you downloaded some of my presets previously you can delete or overwrite them as all of the previous presets are included in this pack.

Here are the instructions, on how to install the presets*:
  1. Download the presets and extract them on your disk.
  2. Start Photomatix Pro 4.2 or newer. If you haven't updated to 4.2 visit HDRsoft homepage and download your upgrade (in case you're eligible to it).
  3. Open any image and tonemap it to go to the tonemapping preview mode.
  4. In the Presets window change tab from "Built-In" to "My Presets".
  5. In the combo-box in the upper part of the Presets window select "Import Presets..." item.
  6. Navigate to the directory where you extracted presets and select all the files you want to import. You might also want to specify category for the imported presets (eg. "Downloaded"). To do this just fill in the text field at the bottom of the Import window.
  7. Accept the selection and wait for the thumbnails to appear. Voila!
* In case of older versions than 4.2 you can follow instructions I posted here.

Daily photo - Golden Sunset

And it's time for a daily HDR photo - it was taken during beautiful golden sunset in Warsaw, Poland. I took as many as 7 exposures here (because by including the sun in the frame dynamic range of that scene became really high).
Golden sunset in Warsaw

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