Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Photomatix Essentials 4.0 is out

Photomatix Essentials 4.0 is out

Photomatix Essentials, a smaller brother of Photomatix Pro, has been just updated to version 4.0! You can find more on its page.

This new version adds a lot of features and changes and here are just the most important of them:
  • Addition of new tone-mapping method: Contrast Optimizer which produces realistic & natural looking images. If you follow my work - this is tone-mapping method I recently use 90% of time.
  • Addition of Step 3 window in which users can now apply contrast adjustments and sharpening prior to saving the image.
  • Addition of option to refresh preview continuously as slider moves (64-bit version only).
  • Addition of Preview checkbox in Step 2 that allows comparing tone-mapped/fused image to the original one.
  • GUI overhaul for better user experience :)
You can get Photomatix Essentials 4.0 as well as full list of changes from HDRsoft website. If you bought earlier version of Photomatix Essentials in the past, this upgrade will be free of charge for you.
Photomatix Essentials 4.0

Daily photo - Under the Bridge

Today photo was taken during sunset in Warsaw near Grot-Rowecki's Bridge. It's a HDR from 7 exposures, tone-mapped in Photomatix Pro using Contrast Optimizer processing method (this method has been just added to Photomatix Essentials 4!).
Under the bridge

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Colourful sunset

7000 downloads of HDR tutorial eBook

Despite the fact my free HDR tutorial eBook was released almost a year ago, it's still doing pretty well. It has just reached 7000 downloads! And the numbers are still growing so in a few months it should finally reach 10k downloads :)

If you haven't read it yet, you can get it here.

Daily photo - Colourful sunset

Today I would like to share HDR landscape photo taken last year in Masuria, Poland.
Colourful sunset

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

2 New wallpapers

2 new wallpapers

Few months have passed since I updated Wallpapers section for the last time so today I uploaded two new wallpapers there. They are both forest scenes, both taken in autumn in different regions of Poland: upper one in gorgeous Masuria lake region and bottom one in Tatra mountains in southern Poland.

To download either of wallpapers, click on its thumbnail to open full-resolution image, right-click it and select Save from context menu.

I hope you like them! For more free HD wallpapers from me, visit the Wallpapers section on this blog.

A lot of work

As you have probably noticed updates to my blog are much less frequent in the last few weeks. It's because I'm very busy right now (it's not only because of job but also other things I have to take care of at the moment) and this will probably be the same for the next couple of weeks but hopefully not too long. After that time, however, I should have more time to share new content & tips here. And to take more photos as last few months were rather poor in this regard.

Daily photo - Red leaf

Time for another autumn shot :)
Red leaf

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Colours of autumn

Daily photo - Colours of autumn

Time for another autumn shot - is there anything more typical for autumn than a colourful leaf and a mushroom?
Colours of autumn

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Autumn light

Daily photo - Autumn light

Today I would like to share one more autumn photo from last year (fortunately autumn is just around the corner so I hope to capture some nice images soon). Taken in Tatra mountains it features very warm light and some nice autumn colours.
Autumn in Tatra mountains

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