a15 April 2015

The Round Tower in Copenhagen

For today I decided to share another image from Copenhagen. It shows The Round Tower (Rundetårn) which is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe - it was built in 17th century by Danish King Christian IV. The tower isn't very high, it's only about 40 meters tall but it still offers very nice view over Copenhagen old town. Unfortunately when I was at the top, the weather was far from perfect with a lot of clouds and flat light so I didn't get any decent shots. Maybe next time :) Interesting thing is that to get to the top you don't have to climb any stairs. No, instead there is a spiral path which was built because the king wanted to be able to get to the top by his horse-drawn coach. Quite convenient I must say.

As you can see I felt a little artistic when processing this image. The light, textures and detail together with composition made me want to give this image a bit more "fine art" look - something that you can hardly ever find in my photos. I hope you like it.

Interesting thing is that it is one of my most popular images I've ever uploaded to 500px. It scored 99.6 and almost 10.000 views. Not bad at all :) BTW if you're on 500px make sure to connect with me. I started to use 500px more often once again and upload lots of images there recently.
The Round Tower in Copehagen

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