a6 September 2013

Warsaw - my beautiful city

Warsaw, Poland
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Warsaw is a city where I live. Although it might not be the most beautiful city in the world (and also not the most beautiful in Poland) it's getting more beautiful year by year - at least from landscape photographer's perspective. A lot of tall and interesting buildings, nice Vistula river banks (parts of it are renovated right now). The main issue for me is amount of ads - they are virtually everywhere! There are 10 billboards on a single junction near the place I live! And it's even worse in the city centre...

Here is one of the HDR photos I took recently at the end of sunset (or at the beginning of blue hour).

I used focal length of 105 mm to compress perspective a little bit and to make buildings appear closer to each other. In this case I manually blended 5 exposures mainly to restore some details in the shadows as the buildings in front were rather dark.

Technical details:
Camera: Canon 5D MK III
Lens: Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS USM
Focal length: 105 mm
Aperture: f/10.0
Exposure time: 13 s ("middle" exposure)
ISO: 100
Number of exposures: 5
E.V. Step: 1.0
Flash used: no
Tripod: yes
Filters: no
Technique: HDR, manual blending, luminosity masks
Software: Magic Lantern 2.3, Lightroom 5.0, Photoshop CC

Where was this photo taken:

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