a17 July 2014

Tutorial: Add sunset glow

Sometimes sunsets aren't as warm as we would like them to be, they miss this very nice warm glow around the sun... But fortunately adding this glow (or making it more pronounced) is very easy and today I'll show you how to do this in Photoshop.

Written version

If you don't want to watch video tutorial or prefer tutorials in written form, here are the steps I took to create this effect in the video above:
  1. Create new empty layer by selecting Layer -> New Layer from main menu and change its name to Sunset glow.
  2. Add layer mask to Sunset glow layer.
  3. Select newly added layer mask, make sure you have white colour for Foreground and black for Background selected.
  4. Select Gradient tool and make sure Radial Gradient is selected.
  5. Draw gradient starting from the sun down. This is to limit effect of your sunset glow effect.
  6. Select your Background layer and sample it near the sun area using Eyedropper Tool. Basically you should get golden, orange, yellow or other warm tone.
  7. Select Sunset glow layer again, select Paint Bucket tool and fill layer with previously selected golden colour.
  8. Change blending mode of Sunset glow layer to Overlay or Soft Light and decrease its opacity to around 20 - 40% depending on the effect you want to achieve.
  9. Now you're done. However, you might want to adjust layer mask of Sunset glow layer to further limit the range of this effect.
Below you can see sample image to which I applied this easy technique. If you would like to see original image simply move your mouse pointer over the image. Image is much warmer and in my opinion simply looks more pleasant.

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