a4 August 2014

The Shard

Daily photo - The Shard

The Shard, also known as the Shard of Glass, is a beautiful scyscraper in London. With the height of about 309 metres it is currently the highest building in the European Union. I don't know why but to me it resembles towers shown in the Lord of the Rings movies (maybe because it's higher than everything else in its surroundings?). Just put the huge eye of Sauron above it and it could become part of Mordor.

I decided to photograph this building during blue hour as I think it looks pretty nice against the blue sky. Also whole Shard seems to change colour to deep blue because it reflects all the colours around it. I was lucky that the place was pretty much deserted at that time and with a bit longer exposure I managed to got rid of any remaining people. In post-processing I played a little bit with colours to make the blues more vivid.
The Shard

Camera Info

Finally some EXIF info:
Technical details:
Camera: Canon 5D MK III (read my review here)
Lens: Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS USM
Focal length: 45 mm
Aperture: f/6.3
Exposure time: 1.6 s ("middle" exposure)
ISO: 200
Number of exposures: 5
E.V. Step: 1
Flash used: no
Tripod: yes
Filters: no
Technique: HDR, tone-mapping, luminosity masking
Software: Magic Lantern, Photomatix Pro 5 (Contrast Optimizer), Lightroom 5.4, Photoshop CC, Topaz Clarity

Where was this photo taken:

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