a10 August 2011

Tutorial: Photomatix GUI tips


just a quick note about how you can speed up working with Photomatix Pro 4.1 in case of Windows version:

Regarding tone mapping or fusion settings:

* double clicking on the setting slider resets it to its defaults
* you can click on a value next to the slider to edit it by typing it - useful when you know exactly what to put there
* using mouse wheel on the settings window will scroll it horizontally
* with CTRL key pressed when mouse pointer is over a slider you can use mouse wheel to control the value. It's very useful if you want to move it just slightly as this method permits for very small value changes (like 1 or 2 increments - what I mean is it's very precise)
* using mouse wheel on the presets window will scroll it (horizontally or vertically depending on its orientation :) )
* when a preset is selected (marked by white border in the presets window) you can move to the previous preset by using Up or Left arrow keys. To move to the next one you can use Down or Right arrow keys. This way you can quickly go through available presets to compare the results

Regarding image (all types of previews and final image):

* using mouse wheel on the image will scroll it horizontally (when horizontal scrollbar is visible). You can also use mouse wheel on the image scrollbars to scroll horizontally or vertically
* using mouse wheel on the image while CTRL key is pressed will zoom it


* you can also use a number of shortcuts like CTRL+O to open file or CTRL+L to load bracketed set - make sure to study menu items (as shortcuts are listed right to them)
* you can set orientation of the presets window in preferences. Just open Preferences -> General -> Orientation of Preset Thumbnails. I always have it in vertical orientation

I hope you'll find this useful :)

BTW I hope you like my recent photo:

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