a16 April 2011

HDR photography tutorial

Note: newer version of this tutorial is available here.

This is revised version of my tutorial which is available here. This time more details, more examples. I hope it will be even more useful than the previous one!

With my recent appearance on Flickr and uploading a bunch of my HDR photos (and B&W HDR photos) some people started to ask me questions like "what software do you use for HDR?" or "what settings do you use to achieve this effect?". I decided to write a tutorial on that to thank everyone on their positive feedback on my attempts. I'm definitely not a pro but I believe I got the HDR quite right and can share some thoughts on that.

You may find my Photomatix Pro presets useful. Here they are. 

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a6 April 2011

Photography of Rome

This February I had a chance to visit Rome and spent there a few days. During this stay I took hundreds of photos and here is the compilation of some of them. I would suggest watching it in HD as it reveals much more detail. There are a lot of different shot types: HDR, architecture, panoramas, tilt-shifts, detail/texture and even a few nature shots. I hope you will like it!

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