a23 January 2012

Friendship and Canon 5D MK II

Friendship by Wojciech Toman (WojciechToman)) on 500px.com

I had enough waiting for Canon 5D MK III. Will it arrive this year? What sensor will it have etc. I needed camera right now so I bought MK II and I'm really happy with it so far. Its low-light capabilities are tremendous. Noise is acceptable on ISO 6400. I had even some successes using ISO 12800 and 25600 although the last setting required quite heavy denoising (sometimes however it can be a life-saver). Image quality and depth of field are much better than on any other camera I used so far. I'm also happy with auto-focus, even though some reviews claimed it's quite poor. I haven't noticed that even when trying to focus in pretty difficult lightning conditions.

So yes, I'm very satisfied with this camera so far.

Also I upload a photo I took in the rain (although it's winter so snow would be more natural) yesterday. Click it to see it in large.

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