a14 February 2012

Back from Lisbon

The Monastery by Wojciech Toman (WojciechToman)) on 500px.com I'm back from Lisbon - it's a really amazing city (I still cannot decide which one: Barcelona or Lisbon I liked more) with so much to see! I came back with tons of new photos to process (~4000) so it will definitely take a while.
Feel the Past by Wojciech Toman (WojciechToman)) on 500px.comTo the left you can see two of the first finished ones - the HDR photos from the Hieronymites Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) in the Belem district. It's a really magical (mystical?) place. You can almost see the monks in their hoods wandering through the corridors. Monastery was built in the 16th century and it survived the tragic earthquake from 1755 almost undamaged (I wonder how Lisbon would look if this earthquake didn't take place).
In 2007 the Treaty of Lisbon reforming the European Union was signed in the monastery.

I hope to write more on Lisbon in the following posts.

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