a20 February 2012

The Moorish Castle

The Fortress by Wojciech Toman (WojciechToman)) on 500px.com
The Moorish Castle in Sintra, also known as the Castle of the Moors (Portuguese: Castelo dos Mouros) is the fortress built by the Arabs in the VIII century during their occupation of the Iberian peninsula to protect nearby agricultural lands. It was conquered by the Christians in 1147 and then rebuilt in the XIV century. However, year after year importance of the castle was diminishing ever since then.
Although the castle itself survived earthquake of year 1755 (which destroyed almost whole city of Lisbon), the stability of walls was significantly decreased (and Christian chapel was severely damaged). In XIX the castle was once again rebuilt.
All this makes this place full of history.
What amazed me was that this location had been marked as "ruins" in the guidebook I used during my stay in Portugal and hadn't been amongst places necessary to visit in Sintra. For me, however, it is one of the most incredible castles I've ever seen. Built on the top of the mountain with incredible view from the towers and walls, with a great sense of history. The only drawback was wind. It was so strong that taking sharp photos was a real challenge and taking 3 bracketed photos for HDR processing was almost impossible :)Big rock by Wojciech Toman (WojciechToman)) on 500px.com

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