a30 March 2012

Photomatix Pro 4.2 beta goes public

Today at HDRsoft we released first public beta of Photomatix Pro 4.2.

The new version includes many changes and improvements over 4.1 and here are just a few of them with a short description from me:
  • Many changes related to preset thumbnails
    • Addition of several new built-in preset thumbnails (eg. 3 more black & white presets, a few realistic and artistic ones)
    • Ability to toggle between normal (as in 4.1 and earlier versions) and large thumbnails size. This makes it much easier to decide between the presets
    • Ability to display preset thumbnails in two columns so more thumbnails appear on one page
    • Ability to import presets with just one click. In the "My Presets" tab just click "Import Presets..." select files and you're done :) No more need to manually copy the presets into the Presets directory. So if you had problems importing my presets for instance you can now do it easily.
    • Ability to group presets into categories, eg. I now have categories like Winter, Warm, etc. It makes selecting appropriate preset a lot easier.
    • Preset thumbnails should load a bit faster now.
  • Addition of Finishing Touch window. This window, which by default shows when the tone-mapping/fusion finishes, allows you to make basic edition of your photo including contrast curve adjustments, color saturation adjustments, sharpening. Finishing Touch can be also used from Batch Bracketed. Just open Batch and then "Naming & Output Options".
  • Redesigned GUI in case of Windows version. Now the windows have custom title bars which in my opinion look a lot better than default OS ones used in previous release
  • Differences between preview and final image has been minimized.
  • Instead of size ratio like 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc. now there are zoom buttons.
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • New processing method Fusion/Realistic (available only in the Batch Bracketed photos for now). It should work especially well for real-estate photographers.
  • All EXIF data should be now properly transferred from the source images.
Hope you like it :)

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