a4 April 2012

Action shots with Canon 70-300L

When looking at this blog's stats I've noticed that many users find it in Google because they search for information on Canon 70-300L lens. I wrote short review about this fantastic lens some time ago and also posted one portrait. Today I decided to add some more photos from the photoshoot from January and here are they (so today is no-HDR and no-tutorial day :) ).

As you can see in the photos below this lens produces some very nice colours, contrast and bokeh. I used it on Canon 5D MK II whole day.

Please note I'm not experienced in horse photography (it was my first attempt ever!). The "model" is Ghost (Duszek in Polish language):

Having fun in the snow. He started playing out of a sudden and I was lucky to take just 3 shots total. Incredible :)

Just some portraits

Ghost is very fast, it was terribly difficult to froze his motion. The lightning conditions didn't make it any easier as it was pretty dark (despite the snow) so I had to use some faster ISO at times.

As a landscape/architecture photographer I don't use this lens very often (mostly to get closer to some interesting detail) but when I have a chance, I really love the results. So after having it for a few months now, I can still recommend it.

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