a8 May 2012

Is Egypt really a paradise?

For many tourists Egypt is like a paradise - warm sea, very nice hot weather without rain. There are many interesting and famous things to see like the pyramids for instance. Underwater life is very rich so it attracts divers from all around the world (myself included). For those who prefer on-surface water activities surfing is an option to go due to a wind which in some places (eg. in Dahab) is present almost whole year. If you don't like water you can also go riding a horse or quad in the desert. Or you can do a million other things.

But tourism is just one face of Egypt. The other is poverty you can come across if you go deeper into some cities. The contrast is really huge and striking. Every time I'm in Egypt and take a photo like the above it makes me really sad because people living there deserve a much better life.

I took this photo in Dahab, Egypt with a Canon 70-300L telezoom lens.

Here is EXIF data:
Camera: Canon 5D MK II
Lens: Canon 70-300L IS USM
Focal length: 277 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter speed: 1/320 s
ISO: 500


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