a12 June 2012

Tutorial: Sepia in Photomatix

This HDR photo was taken in the Vatican Museums in Rome. I really like the light in the left side and on the angel.
I would like to share a simple trick with you today - how to achieve sepia like look directly in Photomatix Pro. It might be useful for those of you who don't use Photoshop/Gimp/Lightroom. But also sometimes the approach presented here might be also useful for the rest of you.

To achieve this look follow the steps below:
  1. Open your photo (photos) in Photomatix Pro and click on the Tone Mapping/Fusion button.
  2. Decrease Saturation to 0.
  3. Click on the Process button. At this stage you will have black & white image.
  4. Click Tone Mapping button again.
  5. Now the fun begins:
    1. Move the Saturation slider to 100. You might also want to reduce Strength and White Point to 0.
    2. Now play with the Temperature slider. Moving it to the right will make your image sepia like. You can also use Saturation slider to make effect weaker if you like.
This way of processing photos can be called "multiple tone mapping". It can be sometimes useful to get specific look or if there are parts of the photo which require a bit different processing than other parts.

Here is the final photo:

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