a19 July 2013

Street in Barcelona

Barcelona. One of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to. I'd love to go there one more time in the future. Especially as by the time I was there I was just starting with photography and HDR photography (many of my HDR photos from that time have that nice grungy feel to them :) ) so I don't have many good shots. And ones which are quite good were probably taken by accident.

Here is one of the very few photos from Barcelona that I quite like. I'm happy with the textures in this shot and with overall composition. The road leads the eye and so does the light. Dark at sides the image becomes much brighter in the center what attracts viewer attention.

Unfortunately no EXIF data today... this photo is from times where I didn't care about preserving metadata and often accidentally stripped it. I didn't feel as this data was useful :)

BTW I'd like to recommend a great article written by one of my favorite travel photographers +Jim Nix . In his article Jim talks about an interesting phenomenon each of us faces at some point (I do quite often in fact ;) ). Not all photos we love, will be loved by our viewers. Photos which we find breathtaking mind be considered "nothing special" by others. But it is also opposite - photos we ourselves find poor or boring sometimes might get a lot of attention and affection. For me the main reason why it is this way is that apart from the photo itself, its author has memories, impressions and feelings regarding situation in which the photo was taken. They can affect opinion on the photo (remember that beautiful sound of roaring waves during sunrise? You get the idea). What I also found out is that many of my popular photos were taken in my home town. I find them quite boring because I see those things everyday. But for someone who hasn't been to Warsaw (I really recommend it BTW!) it might be more interesting.

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