a31 August 2013

Tutorial: useful Lightroom shortcuts

Road in Masuria
Click on the photo to view it in large size on black background.

Note: As my list of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts seems to be quite popular I would like to share a list of my favourite Lightroom keyboard shortcuts today. BTW there is also a list of Photomatix Pro shortcuts available here.

Modules and view

These shortcuts are used to navigate between different modules and also to choose different ways to preview your photos:
  • G - go to Grid view in Library - useful for viewing a lot of photos at once. I often use this view to group photos, stack them, find bracketed sets or panoramas
  • E - go to Loupe in Library (view preview of a photo). Mode that is useful to preview your photos
  • D - Develop selected photo
  • C - compare 2 images
  • N - survey images - lets you see a number of images at once and pick your favourite one. Useful if you have a number of similar images and want to choose the best one (eg. in terms of focus or composition).
  • L - toggle "light" mode. Useful for previewing image on completely dark background
  • F - shows currently selected photo in full-screen mode. Click again to leave full-screen mode
Rating and labels
  • 0 - set rating to 0
  • 1 to 5 - set rating to a given number of stars
  • 6 - set Red color label
  • 7 - set Yellow color label
  • 8 - set Green color label
  • 9 - set Blue color label
  • CTRL + UP ARROW - increase Flag rating (usually to mark as Picked)
  • CTRL + DOWN ARROW - decrease Flag rating (ustually to mark as Rejected)
  • R - crop tool 
  • Q - spot removal tool
  • M - graduated filter tool
  • CTRL + M - radial filter tool
  • K - adjustment brush tool

  • CTRL + BACKSPACE - delete rejected photos from current folder
  • CTRL + G - stack selected photos 
  • CTRL + ' - create virtual copy of a phot
  • Z - zoom in/out
  • SHIFT + TAB - toggle visibility of all panels 
  • ALT - ALT key is somewhat special in Lightroom. Click and hold it in Develop module and a lot of buttons will work differently (eg. they will allow you to reset or preview various things)

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