a5 October 2013

Post-processing challenge: Monastery in Lisbon

Today I would like to invite you to a small fun challenge. Below you will find some 3 bracketed images taken by me. I used them to create a HDR photo above and I'd like to see your version of this image.

Download the bracketed photos for above image here.

Please share the links to your versions in the comments below. I will feature the best of them (how many depends on number of submissions) in a separate post on my blog in about a week. Please also make sure to give a link to your website/FB profile so I can link to them too and give you some viewers.

Also here is a brief description of what I did to give you some ideas and inspiration:
  1. I tone-mapped image in Photomatix Pro 4.2.7 using Details Enhancer.
  2. I applied some global contrast adjustments in Lightroom.
  3. I removed a person from an image using cloning tools.
  4. I increased details clarity.
  5. I added a few solid color layers and blended them with image from Photomatix using different blending modes to get old and desaturated feel.
  6. I increased contrast.
  7. Finally I increased sharpness.

Where was this photo taken:

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