a1 December 2013

Magical Forest and amazing month

Magical Forest in Masuria
Click on the photo to view it in large size on black background.
November was a truly fantastic month for my blog with all major statistics increasing, making it record month with 14.000 visitors. Although it's still not that much it was a great improvement from 9.000 that I get on average (and from 11.000 which was previous record). So thank you everyone for your visit!

I hope that number of visitors will stay the same (or maybe even increase?) in December. Also with the increased number of visits come something else - much more people recently contact me via email. Some ask for permission to use my photos but other write very kind words about my work - it's really amazing and touching to hear that you like my photos. Thank you!

Also in November I published new version of my popular HDR tutorial, and later released it as a free eBook.

Finally, company that I work for, that is HDRsoft Ltd., released new version of Photomatix Pro, now in version 5. It was really amazing to be part of this project and it seems many of you like this new version as much as I do :)

Thank you everyone one more time!

As for the photo today - it's something different than I usually create. I opened one of my older HDR photos in Photoshop and started playing with it to make it look more painterly. I basically used Topaz Simplify and a few easy tricks to get this effect. I plan to write a tutorial about achieving such effect so stay tuned if you want to read it.

Where was this photo taken:

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