a15 January 2014

New look of the blog

Street gallery in Warsaw
Street Gallery - although at first glance this image isn't particularly interesting, what I like about it are different light sources - magenta in foreground and on the walls and yellow on the bricks in the middle of the frame - creating some very nice colours and atmosphere.
If you're regular visitor to my blog (you are, aren't you?) you probably noticed that design of the blog changed quite significantly today! Indeed in the last few days I was quite busy with crafting HTML and CSS code of my blog, trying to make it more modern and to increase it's readability.

Please, note that it isn't final desired look (I intend to make some font/colour changes as well as redesigning right column). As a software developer I've been always a great fan of iteration-based approach. With this approach you implement part of functionality (iteration) and show it to the client. You gather feedback from him and go on with another iteration, gather feedback again, and start another iteration... and so on and so forth. In case of this blog, you are my "clients" as you read this blog. I prefer to show you just part of the intended changes (one iteration) instead of making all the changes just to be told that the design isn't good or that it's ugly.

So yes, I'm looking forward to your opinions, feedback, suggestions and of course reports of things that aren't working anymore (I changed quite a few things so I wouldn't be surprising if many features would be broken or looking/acting weird).

Finally, here are the most important changes I implemented so far:
  • Significantly increased readability by increasing font size, line spacing, changing font colours etc.,
  • Increased images sizes (photos usually look better in bigger size as more details are visible),
  • Refactored top slide-show - changed underlying plugin, customized it and switched to large resolution images to make the blog look more attractive upon first entrance (jaguar looks really cool and somewhat professional to me),
  • Made the layout more scalable - it should look good on both small and large resolutions... but I still have some work to do to make this statement really true,
  • Simplified the layout - previously some items were "floating" (posts, right column, etc.). Now all the sections are "docked" and adjacent to each other.
And just before I finish, here is how the blog should look. If it looks completely different in your case, please let me know (I'm not that fluent in HTML as I'm in C/C++/C# languages :) ), providing your operating system, browser and screen resolution:
New look of the blog
If my blog looks differently for you, please let me know :)

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