a20 January 2014

Street in Barcelona redone

Facebook comments are no more active

After a lot of consideration I decided to disable Facebook commenting system on my blog today and only leave Google+ for that (I used both up to now). There are several reasons for such a decision but the main one is that it slowed down the blog significantly.

In my tests it seems that loading Facebook social plugin could take as much as 30% of blog's loading time (even a few seconds)! Perhaps I implemented something wrong or maybe Google doesn't like FB and artificially slows it down :) who knows.

The other reason is that not so many of you used it in fact. Most of the comments on my blog are done via Google+ commenting system. Funny thing is that even those of you who visit my blog by clicking on the links on Facebook decide to use Google+ to write comments. So hopefully this change won't impact number of comments much.

Daily post - street in Barcelona

I don't like to repost my photos but sometimes I just have to. Previously I shared this photo here (with a short description). But recently I gave this shot yet another try... and in fact I like this new version much more. It has sort of vintage feel to it due to its tonality.

BTW to get such look I used one of my autumn presets for Lightroom. You can download whole collection for free by clicking on the link in previous sentence.
Street in Barcelona

Where was this photo taken:

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