a1 February 2014

Ruins in Rome (painterly)

New Light Box

I made a small change to my blog today. Once you click on an image to view it in larger size, you will now see a different Light Box than just a few days ago (more cool I would say). The change might seem unimportant but I needed to make it as previous Light Box wasn't very reliable and some of the images didn't open in it (instead they opened in new page). Also it was very difficult to customize - you couldn't show title below images for instance.

While at it, please note that you can use ARROW KEYS on your keyboard to scroll between the images while in Light Box view.

Daily photo - Ruins in Rome (painterly)

Sometimes, I cannot understand why some of my photos get much more popular than others. Especially if I no longer like them. Take this one for instance. It's my very old and a little grungy HDR image taken in Rome. Something that I don't do anymore (at least I try not to ;) ).

However, as so many of you viewed it I decided to revisit this high dynamic range photo and see if I can make it at least a little better (let's say I decided to take a challenge). Unfortunately I don't have source files anymore (in the past I deleted them once I tone-mapped an image! a very bad idea... I know :( ) so what I decided to do was to give it a painterly look (using this technique).

Although giving it painterly look didn't solve all the issues with this image - like haloing - I think it quite suits it. Another advantage is that this painterly processing has tendency to make the images cleaner by removing some of distracting details (and there were a lot of them in the original image there). This way, to some extent of course, I can control what in the photo will attract viewer's attention.

Where was this photo taken:

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