a15 March 2014

Beginner's HDR photography tutorial. Part 3. Creating realistic images in Photomatix Pro

Today it is finally time for 3rd part of my HDR video tutorial. In today's part I'm talking about how to get realistic results using Photomatix Pro 5's Details Enhancer and Contrast Optimizer tools which I use almost exclusively in my HDR work.

Next parts will cover subjects such as getting rid of halos, creating indoor images, creating night HDR images. And yeah... next part will be available much earlier than in a few months...

Note: before you watch this part, I advise you to take a look at Part 2 in which I talk about Photomatix Pro, explain its interface and talk about core features (such as deghosting or alignment). You might be also interested in watching Part 1 in which I talk about HDR photography in general and give some reasons why do we need it.

I will be interested in learning what you liked and what you disliked about this tutorial so the next parts can become better.

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