a27 May 2014

We Inspire Vol. 3

We Inspire Vol. 3 & Published again

Yesterday evening new issue of Camerapixo was released by +Anetta G. Heller and +Artur J. Heller. This time it's "We Inspire Vol. 3" - inspiring photos from all over the world taken by around 80 different photographers.

As always you can get the magazine for free here. And I really recommend that because looking at other people photos is one of the easiest and most effective ways of learning and improving your own photography. In the magazine you will find photos ranging from portrait to landscape to photojournalism. You will also find National Geographic-like travel photos. So everyone will find something interesting for him.

I'm also very proud that inside this issue are 2 of my photos from Mayan dance show in Mexico and one of them even got "Editor's Choice"! And what's great my photo is also displayed on the cover of the magazine (although in pretty small size - hopefully I'll make the cover next time ;) ). You can see my photos on pages 41 and 55. Being published among such great photographers, many of whom are inspiration for me for years, is a real honour.

Daily photo - Sunset in Berlin

Today I would like to share old HDR photo from Berlin (taken in 2010 if I'm not mistaken). I took it after 10 hours of walking with my hands shaking as at that time I wasn't used to hold the camera for such a long time... you know, in 2010 I was just beginning my photography journey. I'm pretty pleased with light I captured here. It's warm almost golden.
Sunset in Berlin

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