a17 February 2012

The Church

The Church
I'd never really been into photographing churches' interiors mainly because it's very difficult to shoot handheld there due to very dim light.
Most of the time when I'm travelling I'm walking for 8 - 10 hours a day so I try to limit my equipment as much as possible (as walking for such a long time can be quite a tiring task itself). This still means at least one body (or two...) and a few additional lenses plus extra gear like flash, filters etc. Tripods are just too heavy for me most of the time and I only use them when I can get to the location, take photos I want and go back without further wandering. Or when I do landscape photography.
However, in Lisbon I had a chance to shoot some churches indoors due to very good low-light capabilities of Canon 5D MK II and I decided to make use of it. Believe it or not but this shot has been merged to HDR from 3 RAWs, each one shot hand-held! Photo was taken in the Hieronymites Monastery I mentioned in one of the previous posts.

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