a13 July 2012

My first HDRs

Yesterday I accidentally found my first HDRs so I thought it will be fun to share it with you. Above photo was taken in May 2008 and merged and tone mapped in Qtpfsgui (it's the worst name for the application I've ever heard of I must admit - I cannot remember it no matter how hard I try) - free HDR software, offering a wide choice of tone mapping algorithms.

However, after this first attempt I had quite a long break in taking HDR photos - mainly because I wasn't happy with Qtpfsgui which was quite complex for me (too complex in fact). Another reason was that too many things in photography were still magic for me. However, in August 2009 I discovered Photomatix:

Above two photos were taken the same day and although they are still not good, they aren't also very grungy (from the beginning I wanted to achieve natural look with HDR). I loved Photomatix from this very day (and I use it regularly up to date) and from then I take HDR photos regularly.

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