a29 January 2013

Step-by-step HDR. Episode 2. Blue hour HDR

So it's time for another part of my video series about processing HDR photos. If you haven't watched Part 1 - here it is. This time I will show how to merge, tone-map and process 5 exposures taken at 1.5 EV spacing taken during blue hour. For more details on my workflow, read my comprehensive HDR tutorial.

My plan is to release new episode every 2 - 3 weeks but if you will find it useful, I can do it more frequently.

What you will need to follow my steps:
  • Photomatix Pro 4.2,
  • Topaz Denoise, Detail and Adjust
  • Lightroom 4
However, if you don't have some of this you can still learn a few things from my video. Good news is that all these applications have fully functional trial versions. So if you haven't tried them, maybe it's a good idea to download them.

Also I would really (and I mean REALLY) appreciate your feedback and especially shares (given you like the idea) because it could help me in reaching larger audience and maybe it will help some beginners out there.

Here is output photo:

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