a7 February 2013

Do I have my own style?

I had an idea for such a HDR forest shot for about two years but was never lucky to get perfect conditions. Normally I would expect them to occur around autumn. However, I took above image very recently - in the middle of the winter :)
What defines best photographers is that each of them have unique style. I would recognize photos from artists like Hans Kruse, Jim Nix, Trey Ratcliff, Daniel Cheong, Jean Loper and many others in the middle of the night. Each of them composes and processes photos in his very own and easily recognizable way. They shoot consistent subjects (I recommend viewing bridge photos from Miroslav Petrasko). What's more many of my favorite photographers aren't really famous. Yet most of them have very unique style.

When I'm looking at my own photos, however, I have a very bad feeling that they are a random mix of different techniques, compositions and subjects. There is nothing (or not so much) common to them. I shoot mainly HDR and landscapes... and that's all :) Daniel Cheong takes beautiful photos of cityscapes from high-vantage point (and I mean HIGH) while Hans Kruse takes some amazing photos of the mountains and hills (amongst others but these are my favorites). In my portfolio you will in turn find everything from landscape photos to even street photos. Not all my images are bad but there are only a few which are really really good.

The problem is that shooting such a diversity of subjects and using different techniques results in a mediocre images. Of course I sometimes get lucky and nail the subject but if I had my own style it would be a lot easier :)

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