a24 March 2013

Blogging for 2 years!

Yes, that's true. I'm blogging here for exactly 2 years! I wrote my very first post on 24.03.2011 and it was just kind of "Hello World" post. However, for the first year I was writing very rarely, just every few weeks or even months. This changed during last year when I started to write new posts much more regularly (daily most of the time). This resulted in drastic increase in number of visits. From just a few (let's say 10 - 15) per day to more than 200 per day. It's still far from my goal but I'm working on it :)

However, this blog isn't my first one. My other one (which was a bit more popular) was about game and 3D graphics programming. I occasionally posted my photos there but at certain point decided to separate the two. I stopped blogging there on April 2012.

Here are some stats for the last year:
  • pageviews: 111.000
  • visits: 46.130
What's more this blog's Alexa rank is increasing pretty fast recently. When I checked it in December it was 8 million. Now it's 2.7 million. So the stats for the last couple of months look good. Also it's great that each month is better than previous one. Keeps me really motivated (mainly to write new tutorials and tips as these seem to be the most popular content here).

Although it's mainly my personal photography blog, the most popular posts are downloadable presets (for Photomatix Pro and Lightroom 4) and HDR tutorial. Also some of my other tutorials (there are 42 of them up do date and all free) are quite popular :)

However, the best thing about this blog is that it shows how my photography skills evolve over time. I'm still far from being happy with them but I see progress. Both composition and my post-processing skills seem to improve.

I have plenty of ideas for next year but you're more than welcome to share yours :)

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