a19 April 2013

Being happy with your own photos

Believe me or not for a very long time I was unhappy with my photos. I found all of them, but just a few, of very poor quality - both technically and regarding post-processing. However, this changed in the last 3 - 5 months although I'm not completely sure why. I'm now both happy and quite satisfied with photos I manage to make. And you know what? It's a great feeling. I'm now confident with my skills as a photographer. I'm also aware of the progress I'm making - day by day and week by week. Of course I still take better and worse photos - but that's completely normal. Even the one and great Ansel Adams took worse than usual photos from time to time I guess.

It doesn't just make me feel good but also it helps me to focus on taking good and better photos. I can think on the result I want to achieve, the effect or atmosphere I want to create in my photos. Not whether my photos will be good enough to share them.

All these doesn't make me great photographer in the blink of an eye. No. I still have a long way in front of me. Maybe I will never become great photographer at all. However, it's not really important (although it would be cool for instance to sell prints of my photos :) ). Because I'm already happy with my work even if no one is going to see it. I'm taking photos because I like it. I take them because this way I portray the world I see it.

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