a17 July 2013

Hot news from Magic Lantern - improved Dynamic Range!

I didn't have a chance to test this update from Magic Lantern yet so instead of a test photo I'm posting one that is hot :) Literally.
I'm normally not sharing any news from the photography world but I think this one deserves breaking the rules. Guys at Magic Lantern team have just managed to improve dynamic range of 2 cameras: 5D MK III and 7D! First one is now capable of capturing 14 stops of light (that's right - 14 EV, like Nikon D800!) instead of its standard 10 - 11 stops. Huge improvement. What's more you can use this feature both for stills and video in case of 5D MK III (only for stills in case of 7D though). I can't wait to test it out.

You can read whole discussion on the Magic Lantern forum. There are a few samples showing the difference there. There is also a whitepaper detailing how all this was done. You can read this PDF here.

But as there is no rose without a thorn, there is a price to pay for this:
  • half resolution in highlights and shadows,
  • aliasing and moire artifacts,
For me reduced resolution might be a problem but I have to check the build to tell if it's really that bad. Also I'm pretty sure Alex and the rest will finally manage to get over it somehow.

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