a29 December 2013

The Best Photos of 2013

Last year I did a short summary of year 2012 by picking my 5 top photos from that year (you can view this summary here).

Picking 5 photos by that time was quite easy as in 2012 I didn't take that many good photos (I was still beginner - I sort of still am). In 2013 I travelled much more - I visited Tatra mountains twice (in winter and autumn), Montpellier in France, Madrid in Spain, Crete and Santorini islands in Greece. I took several photos in Warsaw where I live as well. Apart from that my skills as a photographer and post-processor (is there such a word?) became much higher and so I ended up with more than 400 photos that had 5/5 stars rating in my private Lightroom catalogue. All of them from 2013! I love so many of these shots - choosing only 5 of them would be very difficult if not impossible. And not fair ;)

So I picked a few more... Below you will find a collection of 18 photos from various places in arbitrary order. Click on any of these photos to view them in large.

Neoromanesque crypt in Madrid, Spain. I loved textures and details in this place.
Royal Palace in Madrid. It was really blue Blue Hour creating fantastic colours.
Another photo of Royal Palace in Madrid and one of my most popular photos from 2013, probably due to warm light and reflection in a puddle. BTW to get this reflection I actually put my camera inside the puddle - don't try it at home as cameras usually don't like water!
Another one from Madrid - this one taken during blue hour by Debod Temple - ruins of temple transported from Egypt.
Colourful forest in Masuria, Poland processed using my painterly approach.
Warsaw, my home town, during blue hour as viewed from high vantage point. Construction of this high building is over (so there are no more cranes) so I will have to retake this photo soon.
Winter sunrise over Tatra mountains with fog lurking in the valley.
Tatra mountains again - this time during very painterly sunset.
One of the most unique photos I took in 2013 - night over the Giewont mountain.
Welcome to Mordor - image that looked like Mordor to me. Just a little more beautiful.
Mountain huts in Tatra mountains.
Autumn in Polish Tatra mountains. Very painterly scene.
View from Kasprowy Wierch over Dolina Stawow Gasienicowych in Tatra mountains.
Soft sunset light over the grass and tress on Crete island.
Colourful sunrise by the lake in Poland.
Blue hour in Warsaw as seen from Swietokrzyski Bridge.
Beautiful sunset in Masuria, Poland.
Another unique photo from me. Overexposed Moon started to look like sun what together with stars from Milky Way gave rather surreal effect.

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