a1 January 2014

Share your best of 2013

Winter in Zakopane
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First of all I would like to wish you all the best in 2014!

As you might have seen already, recently I shared my best photos from 2013. As photography community is very important to me I would like to invite you to take part in a small project codename (probably temporary) - The Best of 2013. If you like to be part of it, simply send me the links (in comments to this post) to 2 your best photos and I will share them on my blog on 14th of January.

It doesn't matter you are pro or amateur - you will be featured. If there will be too many photos I will share them in a few turns but I will share all of them.

Some conditions that must be met:
  • The photos must be taken in 2013 (it can be edited in 2014 however),
  • The photos must have at least 900px on the longer side,
  • Please provide the link to your page (or Facebook profile, 500px profile, etc.) as well as the name under which you would like to be credited,
  • Links to photos must be sent in the comments under this post,
  • You have to provide links to exactly 2 photos.
Also please share the link with your friends - the more photos, the better :)

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