a14 April 2014

Street in Lisbon

Daily photo - Street in Lisbon

Although, as you know, landscapes are my main area of interest in photography, I do travel quite a lot to various cities. And when I'm there what I like to photograph most are streets because a lot of European cities are very old and this means some beautiful buildings, great detail and fantastic textures - things that really shine when doing HDR on them.

Below photo was taken when I was wandering in Lisbon 2 years ago (I loved that city and hope to visit it again in the future!). I decided to use my painterly technique on it to make the textures look nicer and a bit painterly. It's especially noticeable on the pavement and road which look like taken from some illustration or drawing.
Street in Lisbon

Finally some EXIF info:
Technical details:
Camera: Canon 5D MK II
Lens: Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS USM
Focal length: 24 mm
Aperture: f/5.0
Exposure time: 1/500 s ("middle" exposure)
ISO: 640
Number of exposures: 3
E.V. Step: 2.0
Flash used: no
Tripod: no
Filters: no
Technique: HDR, tone-mapping
Software: Photomatix Pro 5 (Details Enhancer), Lightroom 5.3, Photoshop CC, Topaz Simplify

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