a9 December 2014

Photomatix Essentials Plugin for Photoshop Beta

Photomatix Essentials Plugin for Photoshop Beta

I can finally share with you some exciting news since it became official yesterday.

Ever wanted to create HDR images directly in Photoshop Elements, which unlike Photoshop CS/CC, doesn't have HDR and tone-mapper built-in? If so, now you can! Yesterday HDRsoft released public beta of new product - Photomatix Essentials Plug-in for Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS/CC.

What this plugin does is basically the same as stand-alone Photomatix Essentials v4.0 (you can read about it more here) with some small differences related to the fact it's a plugin. It even looks very similarly to stand-alone version.

Here are core features of this plugin:
  • Ability to tone-map single image and HDR from bracketed photos (up to 5 images),
  • 3 powerful tone-mappers: Details Enhancer, Tone Compressor and my personal favourite - Contrast Optimizer (the same ones as in Photomatix Pro 5),
  • Fusion/Natural exposure fusion processing method,
  • A lot of built-in presets for you to get started,
  • Source images alignment,
  • Automatic source images deghosting,
  • Images denoising,
  • Ability to finish tone-mapped/fused image with 3 simple tools: contrast, saturation and sharpening.
Beta is free for use and is available both for Windows and Mac (OS X 10.7 or newer) and if you would like to try it, you can get if from here:

No photo today, instead take a look at the screenshot I captured from Photomatix Essentials Plug-in:
Photomatix Essentials Plugin for Photoshop beta version

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