a22 March 2015

Back from Thailand

Back from Thailand

I've just returned from my 2 weeks trip to Thailand. During that trip I visited two southern districts of Thailand: Krabi and Satun. I skipped cities this time and focused solely on the islands and beaches (including beach which was once named one of the 3 most beautiful beaches of the world by National Geographic magazine!) so it was trip full of opportunities for landscape photography. And given how beautiful sunrises and sunsets are there expect some great photos on my blog very soon. BTW there is SOOC image (i.e. directly from the camera without any editing applied) attached to this post to illustrate what I mean by beautiful sunset :) they were really gorgeous and I hope I managed to capture that beauty with my camera.

Also during that trip I was testing Canon 16-35 f/4 L IS lens extensively so expect its review pretty soon. My first impressions are very positive.

This time I also intend to share some tips on travelling in Thailand, about its cousine and things like that - that is not only photos but also some general information about that fascinating country.

Now it's time to start importing images and editing them :) Can't wait to do that.

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