a25 August 2012

Tip: how to restore settings from tone-mapped image?

This photo was taken in Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra near Lisbon. It's one of the most beautiful and strange palaces I've ever seen. There are plenty of hidden tunnels, caves and symbols related to alchemy and Masonry. You can spend whole day wandering there and discovering new interesting things and places.
Has it ever happen to you that you wanted to use the same settings for tone-mapping/fusing in Photomatix Pro as for some particular image but you couldn't remember what they were exactly? It's easy if you saved them as a preset but if you used some unique settings and didn't save them it might seem to be more difficult to restore them at first. Or maybe you have a photo from some HDR guru and would like to know what settings he used to process his photos? Either way this short tip will be for you.

Guessing is one option of course but actually there is a better and easier way. Just open a processed photo in Photomatix Pro using File -> Open command (or press CTRL + O) and click on the "View Settings" button (or press CTRL + E). A following window will appear:
It's an Embedded Settings window. It details processing method used (in this case Details Enhancer) and values of all the settings. You can note them down or even better save them as a preset by clicking on the "Save Settings" button. And now you can use them to process your photos :)

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