a20 January 2013

HDR One - fantastic free HDR magazine

Today I would like to share with you a link and a few thoughts about HDR One magazine. Many of us, HDR photographers, do share their knowledge in a number of places - our blogs, Facebook/Google+ accounts or simply when talking/chatting with fellow photographers. HDR One is about that - about sharing knowledge. However, it is different from photography blogs. Not one but many HDR photographers write there. From very well known like Miroslav Petrasko or Jim Nix, to a bit less known... like me :)

Yes, one of the regular contributors is me. That means that at least once every month you will read an article I wrote. The last one was just published a few days ago and is about using exposure fusion for natural photos in Photomatix. You can read it here.

Here is the most recent issue of HDR One magazine available for download. And here is the magazine's archives.

Summing up, I really recommend reading it - you can read from the best and most talented HDR photographers out there. They share they workflow, tips, show how to get rid of issues. Great read!

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