a5 April 2012

Reflections, circular polarizer and minor changes to blog (again)

I will start with a few words on recent changes to this blog. First, I removed most of the content of the right column to make it more clear and easier to use. I left only important gadgets, like tags and blog archive (removed this huge Facebook widget...). Another change I made is addition of the share buttons below each post (and page). You can now "tweet", "like" or "+1" with a single click (ok, technically it was possible previously as well but looked a bit worse and there wasn't a counter next to each of the buttons). Not many of you shared anything but I hope the things will start to change soon. The last thing I changed are changes related to tags. I fixed tags for all the posts up to now (as some posts had wrong tags assigned) and I removed some unimportant ones.

Today I'm sharing an image taken in Lisbon. It's HDR merged from 3 RAWs and processed in Photomatix Pro 4.2 beta. This photo would be pretty boring but the reflections in the window glass, car bodies and railway come to the rescue.

I used CPL (Circular Polarizer) filter for this photo to enhance reflections... hey, stop for a second. Enhance? Yes, that's right. Although most of us use CPL filters to cut down glare in the scene it can be also used to increase it... by spinning in the opposite direction. Simple as that and sometimes very useful.

I took another photo to illustrate this concept... well, that's an extreme case :) in the photo below the reflections are so strong that they are almost unrealistic.

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