a14 September 2012

A few words on my gear

Even though my blog already has Gear tab, which details photo equipment I use I would still like to write a few words about it.
First of all I use two cameras (Canon 50D and 5D Mark II), for a few reasons. One of them is that I don't need to change lenses that often when being on location (so I can limit amount of dirt entering the inside of the camera and and I don't waste time to switch the lens so there is a better chance of not missing some great photo opportunity).
Moreover one of them is a full-frame and the other is a crop camera. While 5D Mark II produces images of higher quality (especially considering depth of field and low-light situations), 50D also has its strengths - 6 frames per second are useful in many cases (eg. action shots, hand-held HDR) and also as it is a crop sensor it is useful when shooting with a telezoom lens. Crop factor is 1.6x what means that 70-300 lens becomes equivalent of 112-480 without a teleconverter! Quite useful at times.
As you can see I use a number of lenses for all occasions: 10-22 mm, 24-105 mm and 24 mm prime lens for landscapes and architecture, 50 mm mainly for portraits, 100 mm for macro and portraits and 70-300 mm whenever I need to zoom in very close. Each of this lenses has its strengths and weaknesses (eg. 100 mm is sharper than anything else) and good for different occasions. However, my favourite lens is Canon 24-105 f/4 L lens - it offers very nice image quality and also the focal range is very universal (good both for landscapes and even some portraits).

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